Answering Any Questions You May Have

Frequently Asked Questions

I am very busy, how long will it take to set up my payroll?

We try to make the changeover entirely painless. Our experts will transfer data from your payroll account or, if you are using an outside service, we will utilize their records to transfer the data. In either case, just a few minutes of your time will be needed to help with the transition.

What happens when I hire more employees, can I add them to my payroll at any time?

You may add employees at any time. We will provide you with new employee forms that can be filled out when you are taking W-4 information and faxed to us.

We are a small start-up company with 8 employees, what is the advantage to having CBI Business Services do our payroll?

Since we are also a small, independently-owned company, you will find us much easier to deal with than the larger national companies. We are equipped to handle your company from start-up to whatever size you may grow.

Do you only provide payroll services in the upper midwest area?

We provide services throughout the United States. We are also affiliated with a national network of independently-owned offices, all utilizing the same processing system. This gives us the ability to process locally and distribute nationally.

How can I report our hours/wages each pay period?

There are several methods available, ranging from phone, fax, and our PC input system. We can also communicate with a variety of time and attendance systems directly with our computers on a nightly basis. You decide which system works best for you, with the freedom to change methods at any time.

Our company has unique payroll needs; can CBI Business Services personalize our account to suit our needs?

Our system is completely flexible. Unlike most payroll companies, we don’t require your company to conform to our system. We work with you to determine your payroll needs and identify problem areas. Then we adapt our system to provide you with the best payroll solution.

We currently have another firm handling our payroll but want to switch. What is involved in changing over, including costs?

Switching from another payroll company is extremely simple. We generally use the existing quarterly and payroll histories from the previous company to input into our system. In some cases we will do a quick audit if we (or you) feel that something is amiss (usually at no charge).

Our office manager will be on vacation at the end of our pay period, can we still get our checks if he isn’t here to sign them?

Our Full Service Payroll Plan includes signed and stuffed checks with confidential reports in separate, sealed envelopes. This enables anyone to distribute payroll. If you are not currently using our Full Service Plan, we can set you up with stuffing and signing for whatever period you require.