Payroll Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Our payroll services will take care of every thing that has to do with payroll!

  • We calculate pay, taxes and deductions
  • We pay the employees via direct deposit, check or both
  • We make all necessary tax payments
  • We make all necessary garnishment and child support payments
  • We remit IRA/401(k)  or any other retirement payments to plan administrators
  • We track and calculate PTO, Vacation, Sick or any other accrual you offer
  • We provide you with a set of reports customized to your liking with each payroll
  • We take care of all the payroll tax report filings for federal, state and local taxing authorities
  • We take care of New Hire Reporting

If it has anything to do with payroll we take care of it!

If you want access to your payroll information 24/7 Online Payroll is for you!

  • Access your payroll database 24/7 through the internet
  • Process your own payroll in a few clicks of the mouse
  • View, add and edit employees and employee info
  • Use our report wizard to access the entire library of reports. From PTO reports to Pay Detail, you can get information whenever you need it
  • Easily export data into excel
  • Schedule a demo with us to see all the features!

We take care of all the tax payment and reporting obligations that payroll creates

  • 941 payments each payroll and reporting each quarter
  • 940 payments each quarter and yearly filing
  • State withholding payments and filing
  • State unemployment payments and filing
  • W2’s for employees and filing with state and fed
  • Workerman’s Compensation filing
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Certified Payrolls
  • Retirement plan census reporting
  • Department of Labor audits
  • 1099s

Any report or tax payment you need we can do!

We have a CPA on staff to help you with your payroll accounting!

  • We will work with you to create your general ledger entry customized to your chart of accounts
  • We can create quickbooks files to import directly into your quickbooks
  • We can create a csv file to import into other accounting softwares
  • We can create a report that gives you the journal entry with each payroll
  • If you just simply need help understanding what goes where in your books we are here to help you out!

We offer a comprehensive and flexible set of solutions you can choose from to meet the needs of your business.

AVOID IRS PENALTIES! We Guarantee Our Work!

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